Silicon Valley Metabolic Psychiatry


· Comprehensive psychiatric and metabolic health care  

· Telemedicine options available 

·  Educational Talks: Dr. Sethi Dalai gives lectures and performs outreach to schools, organizations, and businesses on eating disorders, mental health, nutrition and obesity.

· Consulting: Dr. Sethi Dalai provides professional consultation on mental health issues, obesity treatment, nutrition, and associated metabolic disease for businesses, app development, and tech start-ups. 

We offer to select patients the following services:

· Specialized Groups: DBT for Emotional Eating, CBT for Executives, CBT for Obesity and Depression

· Workshops: Low Carbohydrate Medical Bootcamp - jumpstart your healthy lifestyle and get the tools you need to succeed from Stanford’s leading medical expert on the low carb lifestyle (3 hours, modules include Educational Talk, Cooking Demo, Mindfulness Primer, Dinner with Mindful Eating, Q& A with the Docs)

Open for reservations:

To inquire more about groups or workshops, please email

What to Expect 

Fees for appointments align with other MD level practitioners in the Bay Area. Dr. Sethi Dalai does not currently contract with insurance companies as an "in-network" provider. Therefore, individuals are expected to pay bills monthly. Individuals can be provided with documentation one may choose to submit to insurance companies for "out-of-network" reimbursement. Should patients prefer the practice to handle these claims, a small fee will be added to the monthly invoice.